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Fruitdee Co., Ltd, previously known as AGcerez Co., Ltd, was established in 2013 as a business startup company with its aim to commercialize "L’amai", a natural and low-calorie prebiotic sweetener extracted from longan, while supporting local farmers to efficiently utilize their longan produce.

During the period, AGcerez and its proprietary L'amai had been recognized worldwide through its participation in many prestigious business plan competitions. The company was awarded the winner at TiE International Business Plan Competition in New Delhi, India, and at the New Venture Championship in Portland, Oregon, United States.

In 2015, the company was renamed to Fruitdee Co., Ltd and had grown into both a tropical fruits and agricultural products supplier and a manufacturer of fresh longan juice under its own brand "Ai Din". Since its founding, the company has focused on its an ambitious vision and mission endeavoring to support local farmers in Thailand via encouraging sustainable farming practice while providing high quality and innovative agricultural products to the consumers.

Fruitdee aims to achieve continuous and sustainable growth by introducing more tropical fruit and agricultural products to its merchandise portfolio and, at the same time, creating new and unique products with premium quality to the market.

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