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"COCODUTY®" Coconut milk drink is milk alternative made from coconut. With its subtle taste, it comes with sweet, nutty, and tropical aroma, which makes it suitable to be used as milk alternative for people who wants to avoid dairy milk.

"Well round taste, suitable for mixing with beverage/dessert"


Made from 100% Coconut Water







Recommended Menu

Coconut Latte

Simple. Just replace your milk in latte with COCODUTY®


Coconut Mango Smoothie

  • Add 400 g of frozen mango and 200 g of COCODUTY® into blender

  • Blend well. Pour into serving container

Sago mango pomelo 

  • Add water and tapioca pearls 1 cup per 500 ml water. Bring to boil and turn off heat. Cover the lid for 10-15 mins until pearls is transparent. Stir intermittently

  • Once the tapioca pearls are translucent, drain the tapioca pearls and rinse under cold running water

  • Drain the tapioca pearls. Add 200 ml of COCODUTY®. Chill the mixture

  • Add 200 g mango puree and 200 ml of COCODUTY®, 200 g ice and blend together until smooth

  • Pour mango, COCODUTY® mixture into serving container

  • Layer with the cooked tapioca pearls, diced mango, pomelo segments, and top with additional COCODUTY® if you wish.

  • Serve chilled


Durian coconut smoothie

  • Add 200 g of frozen mango and 200 g of COCODUTY® into blender

  • Blend well. Pour into serving container

Coconut Pudding

  • Mix 100 g sugar, agar agar  1 ½ tsp. and rest

  • Mix 750 g coconut water, 150 g coconut meat, boil medium heat until fully boiled. Then add sugar and agar agar mixture. Boil until sugar is fully dissolved

  • Rest until warm. Add 150 g COCODUTY® and mix together

  • Put mixture into serving cup. Fill to half. Rest until cool and refrigerated until the mixture is set (about 1 hour)

  • After set, pour COCODUTY® on top. Serve chill 

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